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Sustainable Out Of Home Advertising

Truck-Side Advertising is Sustainable & Effective!

HaulerAds supplies Net Zero Outdoor Advertising Media!

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Here's the story...

We partner with 3rd party delivery trucks that are on the road anyways so puting ads on them is totaly Net Zero for emission polution.(The Airbnb or Uber of Trucks & Advertising)

Traditional Billboards Harm the Planet

30x energy

One Digital Billboards uses 30x the amount of energy as a single home

e waste

One Digital Billboards creates as much e-waste as 20 households over its' 11-year lifespan

natural resources

The amount of natural resources used to construct large metal or wooden billboard structures is enormous

natural beauty

Traditional Bilboards are a detriment to natural beauty and why states like Maine, Vermont, Hawai and Alaska have banned all OOH advertising


Traditional Billboards take up green space or areas that could be used to plant trees alongside roads/highways. Traditional billboards are carbon emitting, not carbon capturing

1 per 4 weeks


100 PLANTED TREES (every 4 weeks!)

To date, HaulerAds has Planted over 10,000 trees and has ofset over 2,000 Tons of CO2!
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Highway of Heroes Trees Planting
trees for thefuture
We ofset all production materials as well as alll general operations in partnership with Trees for the Future. Learn about our Tree Planting Carbon Ofseting Initiative. We supply Net Zero Outdoor Advertising Media through sustainable truck-side advertising. Advertise for the Planet with HaulerAds!

Become SOOH certified and be a part of greening our Planet!