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HaulerAds is committed to making it happen for a number of tremendous initiatives! We view Doing Good as a major force within our economy and one that is critical to improving our communities. Each year HaulerAds donates its time, support and attention to Doing Good and Making it Happen. It is our way of proving that HaulerAds Cares!

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HaulerAds provides discounted Outdoor Advertising coverage to eligible non-profit Doing Good Organizations. Eligible groups receive a discounted mobile billboard rate with no restrictions on location selection, posting or rotation. Doing Good advertisers are afforded the same service, privilege and contract guarantees as non-discounted HaulerAds clients. Please contact HaulerAds with any questions about this exciting program!

Below are some of the Big Idea’s HaulerAds is involved with!

One Percent Pledge

HaulerAds has taken the 1% Pledge and joined the movement!

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Ad Club

HaulerAds supports the Toronto AdClub OOH Day Event

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HaulerAds Partners

HaulerAds also has strong organizational ties to other dedicated partners.

Road Launch is helping trucking company fill loads and increase profitability.

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Pallet Connect is helping independent trucking companies find additional loads.

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WildOn Media is HaulerAds Digital Mobile Billboard partners in Toronto!

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#1 Ranking University-Based Accelerator in the World

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#1 Ranking US-based ranking Accelerator Program

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Addition Location Based Marketing Association Connecting with the International Location Based Marketing Industry

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