Iconic Brewing Co.

Ionic Brewing Campaign Artwork
Ionic Brewing Campaign Truck

Advertisement: Dusty Boots

Website: iconicbrewing.co

Number of mobile billboards: 4

Project Scope: 12 weeks

Results: 34 Million Impressions


Iconic Brewing ran a 3 month campaign with us between May 28, 2016 and August 20, 2016. The campaign was to promote one of their latest brands, Dusty Boots which sells through most LCBOs, and was launched in March, 2016. Their goal was to increase their sales by 1000% in the month of August compared to May.

About Iconic Brewing

Iconic Brewing is a Canadian beverage alcohol company bringing new innovations to the Canadian and Global marketplaces. Their portfolio currently includes, Crazy Beard Ale, and Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer, as well as partnership brands, Naughty Otter, and Rye Knot.

Customer Quote

We've dealt with other forms of media in the past, our concern has been lack of accountability but Hauler Ads’ unique technology guaranteed our ad was getting impressions every day which we tracked on the online portal. The post campaign wrap up was extremely beneficial and informative; we noticed a definite increase in sales at LCBO stores in our targeted area.

Cam McDonald, Owner of Iconic Brewing