Dioguardi The Tax Brokers

Dioguardi Mobile Billboard Campaign Artwork

Advertisement: Dioguardi Tax Law

Website: dioguarditaxbrokers.ca

Number of mobile billboards: 3

Project Scope: 16 weeks

Results: After 8 weeks - 20 Million Impressions


Dioguardi Tax Law ran a 4 month campaign with us between June 5, 2017 and October 5, 2017. The campaign was to promote their core service throughout Canada. Their goal was to increase their new clients by 1000% in the month of October compared to June.

About Dioguardi The Tax Brokers

Dioguardi Tax Law is among the first in Canada to offer the opportunity of a lawyer-protected tax amnesty for; forgiveness of serious penalties, and risk of prosecution associated with unreported income and years of unfiled back taxes.