Data-Fueled Moving Billboards

Most Effective ROI and Lowest Costing CPM Guaranteed

Add a revenue stream

Lease the space on the side of your truck to become a Moving Billboard

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Earn Money

Get paid every month for Truck Advertising.

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Same Route

Drive the same routes as before. No detours. No inconveniences.

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Your Choice

You approve the ad we take care of the rest.

How It Works

Driving and Ad Application for Truck Advertising

We install a small device on your truck to ensure it is a good candidate for Truck Advertising. When we find someone that wants your space we email the ad for your approval. Once approved, we schedule a convenient time for the Truck Advertising Wraps so you become a Moving Billboard. You get paid monthly and the campaigns are average 2-4 months long, sometimes longer. At the end, we schedule a convenient time to remove the Vehicle Wraps, and hopefully have another Truck Advertising opportunity for your truckside right away.

Our Customers

Effective Data-Fueled Moving Billboards

10x More Impressions than your last Campaign

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