HaulerAds History

HaulerAds is a Toronto-based out-of-home advertiser and media provider. Its story begins in 2015 when Casey Binkley, founder and president of HaulerAds, noticed something peculiar about the mobile billboard advertising industry – no ads on trucks! His entrepreneurial instincts told him, “a commercial vehicle without creative advertising is an underutilized asset for truckers and advertisers!”. Thus, concluding these facts:

  • Companies demand more and more outdoor brand exposure, while the supply of traditional billboards continues to shrink (due to city development and municipal restrictions).
  • There is a need for data analytics on this advertising platform to guide marketers.

Companies recognize that out-of-home advertising is a key ingredient in increasing their brand awareness. Access to traditional billboard advertising and other   out-of-home advertising mediums are limited and present a vast number of challenges such as; the inability to track the success or failure of advertising campaigns; flexible geographic and location based targeting; and a mismatch between advertising billboard demand and supply. Even more so, HaulerAds is the ONLY  mobile billboard advertiser/truck wrap supplier with unique GPS sniffing technology. With it, advertisers can track where their ads are being shown, who is seeing them, and the impressions gathered.

Hardware Maker

Who we are

Haulerads installs tracking and wi-fi data collecting technology onto all the trucks carrying your billboard advertisement! It works by plucking wi-fi signals transmitted left on by passersby cellphones. And just like that, if you are on the sidewalk or in your car and our ad drives by, you are picked up as a unique impression. On average, our truck wraps receive 1.5 - 2.5 million eye level views monthly.

Software Provider

Who we are

HaulerAds’ GPS Sniffing algorithms allow advertisers to accurately view the location of their advertisement as it travels, while tracking ongoing campaign impression. Unlike any other other out-of-home media supplier, HaulerAds permits customers to confidently monitor the success of their campaigns live 24/7!


Who we are

HaulerAds bridges the communication gap between advertisers and haulers. Everyone wins here, truckers and advertisers alike.

To Advertisers

What we do

HaulerAds is guaranteed to give you an extra edge over your competitors thanks to our proprietary GPS tracking system. Even more so, we provide advertisers with analytical information that can be used to improve future marketing campaigns. While picking the perfect location for billboard advertisement an be a major use for concern, it is a pivotal point in mobile advertising with each mobile billboard receiving between 1.5 - 2.5 Million Impressions per month.

To Truckers

What we do

HaulerAds provides an extra

income earning opportunities

to truck drivers. The trucker is

free to select what campaign

goes on their truck, and

which route they will drive

while the campaign goes on.

Why choose us?

WIN-WIN Situation

Effective Outdoor Advertising

Each mobile billboard receives between 1.5 and 2.5 million impressions per month, per mobile billboard.

Massive Prints

Haulerads’ massive prints have immediate impact, they are impossible to miss! Printed on high quality vinyl for supreme colours and durability during your campaign.

Measurable & Trackable

Each campaign is monitored using analytic tools including, impression counting and geo-targeting data. Track the immediate success of your campaign live 24/7!

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