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Reach up to 2 million people per month with a single truck side advertisement guaranteed!
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Stop wasting OOH ad dollars and start getting ROI trackable results

Mobile Billboard Advertising is Sustainable

Reach up to 2 million people per month with a single mobile billboard — guaranteed!

HaulerAds uses proprietary tracking technology to provide real-time impressions analytics on your campaign through Wifi detection of nearby mobile devices.

We also retarget these mobile devices by sending messages through app retargeting channels such as the Weather App or Facebook to give you a full Mobile Billboard ROI tracking platform.

Nielsen study confirms: intent to purchase is astonishingly high with HaulerAds

In 2018, Nielsen conducted a study with one of our Travel Clients, to test the effectiveness of our 20-week, 7-mobile billboard campaign in Toronto. The results were astounding. Of the 500 participants:

  • 26% unaided recall rate (high for mobile billboards)

Among those who recall seeing the ads:

  • 76% showed intent to purchase
  • 75% believe the ads to be a unique way of marketing to commuters
Nielsen Study Haulerads

“HaulerAds proved to be one of the most cost-efficient media we’ve used”

“Cost was our initial concern, but given the re-usable boards, time in market, and overall audience reach, it proved to be one of the most cost-efficient media we’ve used.”

Antonella Armenti, Media Director, Travel Cuba
Antonella Armenti

With mobile billboards, you’ll never waste ad dollars again


Hyper-target by location and demographic

Guarantee coverage at the exact locations where your audience lives, works and plays.

See who’s seeing your ad in real-time

Every time your ad rolls past a customer, it’s recorded in your analytics dashboard.

Retarget everyone who saw your ad

Uncover valuable insights and re-engage customers, long after the truck is gone.

Larger-than-life creative thats only limited by your imagination

Turn any concept or campaign into a stunning 3D truck side advertisement that draws your customers in.
Haulerads Creative Truck1
Haulerads Creative Truck2
Haulerads Creative Truck3
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Haulerads Creative Truck20
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Haulerads Creative Truck22
Haulerads Creative Truck23
Haulerads Creative Truck24
Haulerads Creative Truck25
Haulerads Creative Truck26
Haulerads Creative Truck27
Haulerads Creative Truck28

“We noticed a 22% increase in sales within our targeted area”

We’ve dealt with other forms of media in the past, our concern has been lack of accountability, but HaulerAds unique technology guaranteed our ad was getting impressions every day, which we tracked on the online portal. The post-campaign wrap up was extremely beneficial and informative; we achieved a 22% increase in sales at LCBO stores in our targeted area.

Cam McDonald, Owner of Iconic Brewing
Cam McDonald

Why brands like Netflix are now investing in OOH advertising now more than ever before


4X more effective

OOH increases online conversions 4X more than traditional ads (Nielson).


Proven to work

Reports show that when you spend $1 on OOH, an average of $5.97 is generated


No ad blocker

Get in front of your customers when they can't scroll past your ad.


Different & disruptive

While your competitors run Facebook ads, you'll capture attention in real life


Big & Beautiful

Engage your audience with 500+ feet of eye-catching imagery and bold copy.


Pairs perfectly radio

Enhance the effectiveness of your ad with both audio and visual messaging.

Sustainable Out of Home Advertising

HaulerAds supplies 100% Net Zero Outdoor Advertising Media!

1 per 4 weeks = 100 PLANTED TREES (every 4 weeks!)

Sustainable Out of HomeAdvertising

"HaulerAds drastically increased our registration rate"

"Using HaulerAds has not only drastically increased our registration rate for new home sales, but translated those registrants to new home buyers! Advertising with HaulerAds has been a seamless process and an effective marketing tool.”

Stephanie Pasquale, Director of Sales & Marketing, MacPherson Builders
Stephanie Pasquale

Effective impressions — guaranteed!

Within hours of your truck side advertisement being on the road, you’ll start to see results. On average, you’ll see 1.5 to 2.5 million impressions for every month your mobile billboard is on the road. Plus you’ll get:

  • Real-time analytics Dashboard
  • Instant retargeting options for increased exposure
  • Weekly performance reports from our team
  • A detailed post-campaign analysis
Moving Billboard Advertising Downtown
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Mobile Billboard Reach Alert Audiences

Reach your audience while they are alert and active.

Data-driven Results-Based Media
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