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Truck Advertising combined with Online Performance Data-Analytics to track the success of your campaign enabled by HaulerAds Patent Pending Technology

Advertiser Advantages
Advantages for Advertisers

HaulerAds is guaranteed to give you an extra edge over your competitor's with our Fleet of Premium Mobile Billboards and our Patent Pending GPS and Impression tracking technology. We provide advertisers with analytics such as Number of Impressions, Location, and Frequency on your Mobile Billboard campaign making it accountable and interactive with your customers.

Patented Pending Hardware
Patent Pending Technology

HaulerAds installs tracking and wi-fi data collecting technology onto all the trucks carrying your billboard advertisement! It works by collecting wi-fi signals transmitted by cell phones which are left on by users within 100 feet. If you are on the sidewalk or in your car and a HaulerAds Truck Advertisement drives by, you are picked up as a unique impression!

Mobile Device Retargeting
Mobile Device Retargeting

HaulerAds is partnered with leading Mobile Device Retargeting Companies. Through our impression capturing technology, we can use this data with our partners to serve ads onto mobile devices that came in contact with your Mobile Billboard campaign. Thus you see the Truck Ad and later on get the same Ad served on your Mobile Device to track a campaign ROI.

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Live Data of Available Moving Billboards

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Geo-targeting specific regions drive's premium brand awareness with creative outdoor advertising. These Mobile Billboards are wrapped on all three sides, so it looks like you own the truck fleet! Confidently monitor the success of your OOH Advertising campaigns online 24/7. We also offer select reusable materials so if you're doing seasonal campaigns; we can store your creative for free until next years campaign. This significantly drives down the CMP by only having a 1-time production cost. It is easy, immediate and the most effective way to outdoor advertise in the world!

Mobile Billboards operate 8-12 hours per day

Mobile Billboards operate 8-12 hours per day, 5-6 days per week and travel hundreds and/or thousands of miles or km's

Billboard Impressions

Each mobile billboard receives between 1.5 and 2.5 million impressions per month

Creative Advertising Space

Mobile Billboards are huge with each truck averaging 400 square feet of creative advertising space

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Mobile Billboard Stats

Mobile billboards are viewed by 95% of people that go by them and are read by 85% of them. Almost twice the attention that static billboards received.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America

97% of the people who read the mobile billboard recall what they read

Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA’s market research

Mobile Billboards boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

European Outdoor Advertising Association

72% of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shop on their way home from work.

Arbitron National In-Car Study

Brands Growing with Truck Advertising


Live GPS and Impression Data of Available Moving Billboards Supercharged with Mobile Device Retargeting

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Firstly we need to figure out where you want to target, for how long, and how many mobile billboards? Once that is confirmed, the creative artwork needs to be submitted (we can help with that too). We send the files to our certified printing partners and get the proofs back for you to sign off on. The Print and installation takes 2 weeks until the campaign is live. We provide photos of the trucks for you to share on social media. You'll have access to monitor the trucks live 24/7 on the online dashboard. If your pairing your campaign with Mobile Device Retargeting our partners provide the success analytics.

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